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ALEXIS - 2018 (1 ALBUM)

"THE DEBUT ALBUM" 2018 SWEET ANGEL - Opening like a soft ballad but building into a Bon Jovi style crescendo after the one minute mark.  Great Rock Pop with a little U2-esque instrumental break in the middle.  I can definitely hear a Goo Goo Dolls influence, being a fan of the band.  Its about unconditional support and love from his parents throughout his life, everybody needs a sweet angel to stop them from falling. FACE THE CROWD -  Kicks off with a pumping plucking guitar and drumbeat which for some reason reminds me of Van Halen.  Then it powers into a great Pop Rock track similar to the likes of Glass Tiger and Goo Goo Dolls with a little Berlin thrown in! It builds up to a blistering catchy chorus that I have to say, I was soon singing along to! HOLD YOU CLOSE - Alexis' promise to his own children that he will never break and hopefully give the same support and guidance his parents gave to him.  This track is a sweet, lilting Acous