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"ALISHA RULES THE WORLD" 1996     IRRESISTIBLE U ARE - Album opener, a sweet almost lullaby short song, gorgeous harmonies and sweet vocals with an Eastern feel and childlike kaleidoscope backing. INTENSE - The most angry and most Rock song on the album, very Alanis Morissette, would not be out of place on Alanis' own "Jagged Little Pill".  Great song. I AM, I FEEL - This was the track that got me hooked, as a fan of Wendy and Lisa (part of Prince's Revolution band), this track did remind me of their beautiful harmonies and melodies and the vocals had a hint of Alanis Morissette's croaky angry vocals, a class song.     INDESTRUCTIBLE - A mesh of Spice Girls and Sneaker Pimps with Kelli Ali, ambient sounds and almost psychedelic backing.     ALISHA RULES THE WORLD -  This title track had elements of Motown, pure Pop and was a little like The Bangles, great song. WHITE ROOM - 70s Psychedelic track with almost Cynd