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PRINCE  "BATMAN" 1989 THE FUTUR E - Prince's 11th studio album was a soundtrack to the film of the same name starring Michael Keaton.  Not a soundtrack score but tracks Prince wrote to accompany the film and his own ideas and a new persona, Gemini.   I think the album is underrated  by many and this opening track is a funky styled Electronic Pop track with a pumping beat and a genius spoken but catchy chorus. ELECTRIC CHAIR - One of my favourite tracks, the guitar is amazing on this.  A screeching rocker similar to Prince's early late 70s days.  Very cool. THE ARMS OF ORION - A beautiful sounding slow ballad duet with Sheena Easton. Not many fans' favourites but I love the sweet sound of this.  A contrast to the last duet, the upbeat "U Got The Look".  The third single from the album and reached number 27 in the UK CHART.  PARTYMAN - Another tongue in cheek classic from Prince, it is fun, quirky and funky as hell.  Awesome track and again criminally i