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BIG COUNTRY "THE CROSSING"   1983     IN A BIG COUNTRY - The track became a massive hit in the U.S.A. as well as the UK.  As the opener to the album it was simply huge and a fantastic song.  Celtic drums, catchy chorus, chants, the classic Bagpipe guitars, simply a brilliant song and one of my alltime favourites by any artist.  Great singalong and one for the Air Guitar enthusiasts. Sheer class.     INWARDS -  This was more a Pop Rock song than the singles, with minimal normal Big Country traits, also parts of it reminded me of Medieval ambience. Atmospheric and engaging. CHANCE - A ballad, and it was a gorgeous song, simple in its composition but incredibly emotive, no big booming crescendos just a light, lilting backing to Stuart Adamson's sensitive vocals.  Love this song.     1000 STARS -  Reminded me of U2 at the time for some parts but then the guitars kick in with that familiar pipe onslaught and it brings you back to