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"SONIC TUNESMITH" 2018 FADE AWAY - Opening the album is a Blues Country track with great Slash/Prince like guitars throughout.  Its laid back Bon Jovi style vocals make this sound like a cool Rock ballad.  Great track to ease you in to the set with a positive and optimistic lyric. NOWHERE TO GO - A Rock N' Roll foot stomper similar to rocker Dave Edmunds with the quirkiness of The Cars and Tom Petty.  The familiar Country twang is perfectly intertwined with the Rock sound without overpowering the whole feel of the song. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME - This could be a song on a ZZ Top album.  That great chug-a-chug Blues sound collaborating with Texan drawl.  Big and bold Country Blues Rock, it is raw, keeps pumping to the end and has a nice Classic Rock music interlude at 2.20.  Add the throaty vocals akin to Billy Gibbons and you have a fabulous track. SUPPOSED TO BE - Slow tempo Pop Rock ballad with a hint of Country Blues.  Think of Jo