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  BRITNEY SPEARS "...BABY ONE MORE TIME" 1999 ... BABY ONE MORE TIME - The breakthrough song for Britney opens this hits laden debut album.  It was a new style Pop at the time, a kind of robotic sounding stop-start with an infectious melody and chorus.  Britney led the way for a new kind of female Pop.  This was undoubtedly helped by the "sexy schoolgirl" video that instantly made all the males of the world sit up and take note.  Girls wanted to be her and boys wanted to date her.  New kid on the block makes good a song that TLC could have recorded.   (YOU DRIVE ME) CRAZY - Another Pop gem with a hint of rockin' guitar in the background.  Its punchy and quirky and has a big beat, much like the boy bands in the early 90s when they wanted to sound big and tough and not bubblegum Pop. SOMETIMES - A favourite of mine because it shows the insecurity and little girl emotions hidden behind the tough, brazen, bubbly and confident sound of the previous singles.  This