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BRYAN ADAMS - 1980 - 1984 (2 ALBUMS)

"BRYAN ADAMS" 1980   HIDIN' FROM LOVE - Bryan Adams' debut album opens with this catchy Pop Rock track that is more Pop than Rock.  Similar to most of the early 80s fare.  Good opener though.  This debut single did not chart here in the UK.  Bryan's first real single in 1978 "Let Me Take You Dancing" is not inculded here. WIN SOME LOSE SOME - A great track, a mix of Classic Rock with an almost funky Blues feel. we don't hear the big rocky guitars yet as was key to his later material's success.  This has some upfront keyboards giving it a typical 70s Rock style. WAIT AND SEE - This is a basic kind of rocky Pop track that, despite some nice guitar work doesn't really grab you. GIVE ME YOUR LOVE - Bryan's second single from this set and it's the first ballad.  It is an easy going, nice Pop Rock song that is very soulful and emotional.  Normally I rate Bryan as doing the best rocky numbers than ballads but this nice.    WASTIN' TIM