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"BILLY IDOL" 1982 COME ON, COME ON -  Billy's debut album since the disbanding of Generation X opens up with an anthemic New Wave track with hints of Punk bravado.  A driving rhythm throughout and crosses over nicely from the old "X" days to the new sound that he would make his own with the next album and beyond. WHITE WEDDING (Part 1) - The Idol classic song that is one of his best known tracks.  A Classic Rock track with New Wave nuances.  Billy gives his best sneer and snarls the vocals in brilliant fashion.  Absolutely love this track and did from the first time I saw the video on MTV.  Part 2 can be heard the extended versions album, "Vital Idol".  An 80s and Rock gem.   HOT IN THE CITY - This is a fabulous experimental track.  It has elements of Rock, Rock N' Roll, New Wave and even a small hint of Motown.  Very cool song.   DEAD ON ARRIVAL - A throwback to Billy's Generation X Punk days and this could have been on any of their albums


"SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEAR"   1983   SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEAR - The opening track of a great debut album of six epic tracks.  This Rock experiment filled song begins gently and then gives us a whimsical almost Nursery Rhyme style backing before launching into dramatic guitars and pounding drumbeat increasing in intensity and power.  Named Neo-Progressive Rock, Marillion's style of  music has elements of all genres of Rock music and this track ticks all boxes! HE KNOWS YOU KNOW - A slow almost Pop Rock track changes after some angry, anguished vocals from lead singer Fish before the 2 and a half minute mark when the glorious anthemic guitar solos and faster drumbeats kick in.  The Medieval style vocals and chants are here that make it just a little more awesome.     THE WEB -  A slow to mid tempo Rock ballad, with some awesome keyboard and guitar solos.  More Electronic Rock than the previous two tracks but no less anthemic.  A v

BON JOVI - THE ALBUMS 1986 - 1992

"SLIPPERY WHEN WET"   1986 LET IT ROCK - Possibly one of the best openers of a record in my opinion.  A huge church organ opening then an explosion of screeching guitars, thumping drums and anthemic chorus paved the way for the new Bon Jovi sound. YOU GIVE LOVE  A BAD NAME -  The first single from the album and a teaser of what was to become Bon Jovi's signature sound for the next decade.  Anthemic Rock with screeching guitars, keyboards and pounding drums with Jon Bon Jovi's unmistakeable vocals singing catchy choruses.     LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - Similar to the previous track, real Arena Rock.  Apparently this version is totally different to the original with extra drum fills, bass and the "talk box"!.  Awesome song to really rock out and sing along at the top of your voice!     SOCIAL DISEASE - Not a favourite of mine and a lesser song on this album but it has a lot to compare it to.  Lacks a good enough catchy chorus


TRANSVISION VAMP "VELVETEEN" 1989     BABY I DON'T CARE - It was bold, brash, guitar riffs a plenty and Wendy giving her best angry vocal and a massively catchy sing along chorus! Guaranteed to get the party started with crashing guitar Punk Pop.     THE ONLY ONE -  Elements of Motown and Soul disguised in the throbbing, driving drums and guitars and memorable chorus.  A frenetic Punk Powerpop following on from the album opener, one of my favourites from The Vamp.   LANDSLIDE OF LOVE - A slower song than the previous two.  Again, the Motown and Soul elements were there but more at the forefront.  A really nice song that gives Wendy James chance to let go her sultry, seductive side in the vocals. FALLING FOR A GOLDMINE - Slow paced soft Blues/Country hybrid with hints of Punk.  Great chilled track. DOWN ON YOU -  Pure Punk Rock with Wendy snarling her way through the lyrics with pumping drums and guitars and electronics backing her wi


  SEASON OF GHOSTS "A LEAP OF FAITH" 2018   THE ROAD SO FAR - This second album by the band kicks off with a beautiful, gentle Asian styled melodic and relaxing orchestral piece lasting just over 2 minutes.     A PLACE TO CALL HOME   - Electro Rock intro and singer Sophia Aslanides (formerly of Japanese metal band Blood Stain Child) gives a powerful, intens Rock vocal fronting a thumping drumbeat and deep and heavy guitars.  Awesome track.    ASTERO(ID) - Atmospheric, big, loud Metal track with Sophia carrying the melody with the vocal.  Its brash arena style sound and frenetic rhythmic tempo are paired with some screeching guitar riffs.  Another gem. LISTEN - Sounding like a more metallic Avril Lavigne and hints of Amy Lee of Evanescence this is a straight up Rock track.  Its pace is relentless but if you listen in the headphones you can all the layers behind the pounding beat.   A LEAP OF FAITH - This track is like a merging of Pop Rock, New Wave and Classic Rock.  One