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EUROPE "THE FINAL COUNTDOWN" 1986     THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - The title track has been the last song on many a New Year's Eve night playlist.  Based around a simple keyboard riff it became a huge hit around the globe with Joey Tempest's powerful vocals and the virtuoso guitar strumming at around 5 minutes added to the song's legendary status.     ROCK THE NIGHT - This was re-worked and a more polished version from the previous "Wings of Tomorrow" album.  Classic 80s Rock sing-a-long akin with anything Bon Jovi had previously done a year earlier.  Top track.     CARRIE - Like Jon Bon Jovi, Joey can also deliver an anthemic emotional Rock ballad.  Really nice song amid an orchestral backing track. DANGER ON THE TRACK - Great Pop/Rock crossover track coming complete with screeching guitar and a keyboard.  NINJA -  Sadly fails to deliver the high standards of this album, and is surely a filler here, its a little li