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  FLEETWOOD MAC   "RUMOURS" 1977 SECOND HAND NEWS - The opening track of the album is a bouncy, quirky Folk style Rock song, reminds me of the 60s duetted sounds of The Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel.  Sung by Lindsey Bucking ham who was also the composer.  Great melody and harmonies and a neat guitar solo to finish which could have been longer but a great song. DREAMS - The second single from the album reached number 24 in the UK chart and is one of my favourite "Mac" tracks.  It was covered brilliantly by another favourite band of mine, The Corrs as well. This lilting Soft Rock ballad is beautifully sung by Stevie Nicks and is a notable classic. NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN - This song is a merging of Country Pop and Folk Rock with some stunning pure Acoustic guitar and vocals from writer Buckingham.  Really lovely song.  Was a B-side for a handful of singles in various countries.  DON'T STOP - This track criminally only reached number 32 in the UK char