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"FAITH" 1987   FAITH - Reaching number 2 in the UK chart, this minimal Rockabilly styled track opens this debut album, although it is debatable (or obvious) that Wham! was essentially George's baby albeit accompanied by Andrew Ridgeley in some small way. This was a short, sharp funky track with just guitar, bass and basic percussion (apart from the cathedral organ at the intro) and allowed George to carry the song with the vocals. FATHER FIGURE - This single reached number 11 in the UK chart and is a Pop ballad of sorts with a slight drumbeat and had some mystical Asian infuence in parts and Gospel in the big chorus.  An emotional song and shows the more mature side of George, making the "Young Guns" days seem very far away.   I WANT YOUR SEX (Parts 1 + 2 ) - This Funk infused Disco track is a gem and reminded me much of my idol Prince in its sexy rhythm and almost lascivious lyrics.  Banned in some media outlets but it is a great slice of Pop Funk.  It is co

WHAM! - 1984 (1 ALBUM)

"MAKE IT BIG"   1984     WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO - The opener to the abum was a 50s/60s inspired uptempo Rock and Roll/Pop crossover that would encourage every listener to try and stop themselves from singing the infectious chorus.     EVERYTHING SHE WANTS -  For me is one of George Michael's best lyrical songs.  It's not a ctchy Pop song, it doesn't have a catchy chorus, its composition keeps changing in the song, for fans of songwriting like myself though, the lyrics are brilliant.  This was a taster for the brilliant mature songs to come as a solo performer for George. HEARTBEAT - This has elements of a slowed down  "Freedom" hidden in the track but its ultimately a Motown Soul song similar to the greats of that genre in the 60s.  It showcases George's blossoming vocals and also his carrying of songs with a minimal backing. LIKE A BABY - In my opinion is the weakest track on the album, it meanders