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  GUNS N' ROSES "USE YOUR ILLUSION II" 1991 CIVIL WAR - The second album in the "Use Your Illusion" twinset opens with this fourth single that reached number 11 in the UK chart.  A melancholic, poignant yet powerful Rock track is a brilliant peace anthem. 14 YEARS - A hard rockin' Blues track with Izzy Stradlin and singer Axl Rose sharing the vocals at times.  A guitar driven track merging with piano in a blistering partnership, YESTERDAYS - Yet another anthemic ballad from the band with some lush, emotive guitar from Slash.  The third single released from the album reaching number 8 in the UK chart.  Classic and one of my favourites to sing along to. KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR - Released as the second single from this set it reached number 2 on the UK chart.  Once again (like "Live And Let Die" on the "...Illusion I" album) the cover sounds better than the original.  Brilliant track. GET IN THE RING - Apparently "notorio


TRANSVISION VAMP "VELVETEEN" 1989     BABY I DON'T CARE - It was bold, brash, guitar riffs a plenty and Wendy giving her best angry vocal and a massively catchy sing along chorus! Guaranteed to get the party started with crashing guitar Punk Pop.     THE ONLY ONE -  Elements of Motown and Soul disguised in the throbbing, driving drums and guitars and memorable chorus.  A frenetic Punk Powerpop following on from the album opener, one of my favourites from The Vamp.   LANDSLIDE OF LOVE - A slower song than the previous two.  Again, the Motown and Soul elements were there but more at the forefront.  A really nice song that gives Wendy James chance to let go her sultry, seductive side in the vocals. FALLING FOR A GOLDMINE - Slow paced soft Blues/Country hybrid with hints of Punk.  Great chilled track. DOWN ON YOU -  Pure Punk Rock with Wendy snarling her way through the lyrics with pumping drums and guitars and electronics backing her wi


THE STRUTS "YOUNG & DANGEROUS"   2018     BODY TALKS - A storming opening track, The Cult meets Queen in this high tempo hard rocker.     PRIMADONNA LIKE ME - This has a beat like Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up" but its a kind of Iggy Pop And The Stooges New Wave Punk rocker. IN LOVE WITH A CAMERA - A quirky Glam Rock styled track with elements of Progressive and Classic Rock.  Catchy chorus as well! BULLETPROOF BABY - Blink-182 and the 90s Pop Alternative Punk bands spring to mind here.  Great tempo, and incredibly engaging with the snappy chorus. WHO AM I? - This is a great Alternative Pop song, similar to bands like Maroon 5 and a quirkiness of Electric Six.  PEOPLE - Snow Patrol meets early Def Leppard, radio friendly Pop Rock at its best. FIRE (Part 1) - Alternative New Wave Rock akin to The Psychedelic Furs.  Carries on right through at a brisk tempo and a booming chorus ending with a piano finish. SOMEB


THE SWEET "FUNNY HOW SWEET CO-CO CAN BE" 1971 CO-CO - Cool, quirky Pop, with Caribbean and Latin infuences, really unusual start for a Glam Rock group's album.  Catchy No.2 hit in the UK.   CHOP CHOP - A little Funk, a little Progressive Rock with some very eerie, shadowed vocals by Brian Connolly.  The band were not scared of experimentation and this was certianly one that worked.   REFLECTIONS - A cover of The Supremes' 1967 hit.  Brave move from a new Rock band on their debut album, covering a Motown track.  A nice version and Brian's voice seems to suit the style. HONEYUCKLE LOVE - Pure 70s guitar driven Glam Rock akin to the sounds Marc Bolan was also making with T-Rex.    SANTA MONICA SUNSHINE - Another change in style for this debut set, proving the band were not going to be pigeonholed into just a Glam Rock band.  This is Country twanged Blues. DAYDREAM - This is another cover of the classic by Lovin' Spoo


FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD    "LIVERPOOL" 1986   WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND - The opening track to the band's second and sadly, final studio album hit number 19 in the UK chart and was the first single to not reach the Top 10.  There are the Electro Rock elements from part of the first album and hints to Prog Rock.  Atmospheric and a great thumping chorus.  Not sure why the critics hated this as I think it is a worthy successor to the previous singles.   RAGE HARD - The first single from the album and it reached number 4 in the UK chart continuing the band's run of Top 10 hits.  A "Two Tribes" like Hard Rock rhythm and pumping guitars backing Holly's inimitable emotional and angry booming vocals.  This is a great track and I always felt this album deserved a better response, maybe the Frankies' could have carried on.   KILL THE PAIN - A slight drop in tempo to start but picking up in pace as the song goes on.  A New Wave almost Punk sound merging in


BON JOVI "SLIPPERY WHEN WET"   1986     LET IT ROCK - Possibly one of the best openers of a record in my opinion.  A huge church organ opening then an explosion of screeching guitars, thumping drums and anthemic chorus paved the way for the new Bon Jovi sound. YOU GIVE LOVE  A BAD NAME -  The first single from the album and a teaser of what was to become Bon Jovi's signature sound for the next decade.  Anthemic Rock with screeching guitars, keyboards and pounding drums with Jon Bon Jovi's unmistakeable vocals singing catchy choruses.     LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - Similar to the previous track, real Arena Rock.  Apparently this version is totally different to the original with extra drum fills, bass and the "talk box"!.  Awesome song to really rock out and sing along at the top of your voice!     SOCIAL DISEASE - Not a favourite of mine and a lesser song on this album but it has a lot to compare it to.  Lacks a good enough c