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"WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME" 1984 WELL.../THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER/SNATCH OF FURY - This serves as a teaser for what is to come.  A small medley of sorts with siren-like singing, mysterious ancient film extracts and Holly Johnson announcing the world is his oyster and giving us his best maniacal laugh!.  Weird, eerie and unusual, just what we wanted from their debut album! WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME - This 13 minute version is a riveting listen, just what you expected, the unexpected! It was cinematic, chanting abound, little instrumental breaks ending with another maniacal laugh and a little Holly giggle having fun.  This was Frankie's "Bohemian Rhapsody" epic. RELAX - A Disco and Club classic, numerous versions and remixes and a debut Number 1 for the band.  Pumping beat throughout with Holly's unique vocals.  Always about gay sex but initially the band's media claimed it was about "feeling good and just relax".  The

BON JOVI - THE ALBUMS 1986 - 1992

"SLIPPERY WHEN WET"   1986 LET IT ROCK - Possibly one of the best openers of a record in my opinion.  A huge church organ opening then an explosion of screeching guitars, thumping drums and anthemic chorus paved the way for the new Bon Jovi sound. YOU GIVE LOVE  A BAD NAME -  The first single from the album and a teaser of what was to become Bon Jovi's signature sound for the next decade.  Anthemic Rock with screeching guitars, keyboards and pounding drums with Jon Bon Jovi's unmistakeable vocals singing catchy choruses.     LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - Similar to the previous track, real Arena Rock.  Apparently this version is totally different to the original with extra drum fills, bass and the "talk box"!.  Awesome song to really rock out and sing along at the top of your voice!     SOCIAL DISEASE - Not a favourite of mine and a lesser song on this album but it has a lot to compare it to.  Lacks a good enough catchy chorus

MUD - "MUD ROCK" 1974

  MUD  "MUD ROCK" 1974 ROCKET - The debut album opens with this fourth single from the set that reached number 6 in the UK chart.  An original composition by renowned writers Mick Chapman and Nicky Chinn.  It is a straight up Pop Rock track with a memorable chorus as was Mud's forte.     DO YOU LOVE ME/SHA LA LA LA LEE - Medley of The Contours 1962 hit (written by Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr.) and Small Faces' 1966 hit.  Despite the difference in the originals' styles these two songs merge brilliantly to make a cool Rock 'n Roll track. RUNNING BEAR - The first cover on the album written by The Big Bopper (Jiles Perry "JP" Richardson Jr.) and gave Johnny preston a big number 1 hit on his debut in 1959.  It's a mid tempo almost Native American sounding blues song. THE HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE - A Rock 'n Roll/Blues/Rock combo track with some great guitar solos.  One to really rock out to! SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL/SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR - A medl