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CYNDI LAUPER "SHE'S SO UNUSUAL" 1983     MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING - The opening track of Cyndi's debut album was a cover of The Brains'  1980 underground hit.  New Wave Rock Pop, Cyndi explores her vocal range to the hilt with some ear piercing, amazing high notes, which critics' adored later on her career.  Great uptempo start to a great album. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN - One of Cyndi's signature tunes and became a feminist anthem and a hit all over the globe.  Perfect 80s Pop, with elements of Dance and Rock, and an unbelievably catchy sing along chorus.  One of the best and most memorable songs of the 80s decade. WHEN YOU WERE MINE - As a Prince fan I recognised this cover version on first listen.  A brilliant 80s Synthpop style track where she kept all of the he/him/his pronouns in the lyrics.  A mid tempo ballad that stands on its own and gives Cyndi's album a more mature track amid the hits.   TIME AFTER TIME


TORI AMOS   "BOYS FOR PELE" 1996 BEAUTY QUEEN/HORSES - Tori's third album opens up with this rather lovely slow ballad.  With Tori's sultry, breathy, angelic at times vocal taking the lead, this is a triumph. BLOOD ROSES -  So many genres hidden and explored in this track.  Rather heavy in tone, with Classical, Progressive and Classic Rock intertwined with the almost surreal medieval theme. FATHER LUCIFER - An eerie sounding track with a kind of nursery rhyme backing with a heavier part in the middle of the song where Tori merges screeching vocals with gentle soft sound.  Experimental genius. PROFESSIONAL WIDOW - This harpsichord driven Alternative Rock track was released as the third single and reached number 1 in the UK chart, although this was a remix (rather destroyed the original for me but the charts are very different now, geared to "popular" than good) .  This album version is much more slick. MR ZEBRA - A minute long quirky, whimsical nursery r