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THE CULT - "LOVE" 1985

THE CULT "LOVE"   1985       NIRVANA - This opening track, has all the Classic Rock elements and could have easily fitted in the "Hair Metal" of the 80s. BIG NEON GLITTER - Brilliant mash up of off tune vocals but with with a kind of Rolling Stones chorus and screeching guitars that reminded me a little of Big Country amidst some tiny specks of Progressive Rock.  Class song! LOVE -  The title track is superb, its kind of a Classic Rock/Punk hybrid with sounds like Adam And The Ants' "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" album, searing guitars and thumping drums.  Well I love it. BROTHER WOLF, SISTER MOON - Epic ballad that stretches to 6 and a half minutes.  I remember hearing this in headphones and the sounds are incredible, more instrumental than the previous tracks and proved the band could experiement with different sounds. RAIN - A fans' live favourite and is one of my favourites from the band.  A


THE MISSION "CARVED IN SAND" 1990     AMELIA - Opener to the album and is a great song albeit the subject matter is child abuse.  Superbly written lyrics about a Amelia being "daddy's favourite girl" and daddy telling her not to tell mummy about it.  Disturbing theme but brilliantly crafted to get the message across very bluntly.  Ends with the line "damn your daddy to hell".  Harsh lyrics but great song with a good message! INTO THE BLUE - Similar to the songs on the debut album "God's Own Medicine", a stripped back mid tempo rocker making the most of Wayne Hussey's superb vocals and some Classic Rock guitars. BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL - A great lilting Rock ballad delivered in Wayne's haunting, passionate vocal.  Emotional and epic.  One of my favourites from the band and a big dingle for them.     SEA OF LOVE - Starts with a very Eastern influence and merges into a similar vein to that of prev


THE CORRIDORS "END OF THE TIMES"   2017     STOP THE WORLD - The opening track to the album starts with some Classic Rock guitars collaborating with almost 60s style Folk Rock harmonised vocals.  This is a hippie sounding soft ballad of the highest order.  A great track to ease you into an album of various styles, influences and genres that will make your ears pop with delight. FACE OF THE GROUND - The Smashing Pumpkins influence is clearly evident on this uptempo rocker.  There is definitely a little Progressive Rock going on as well with the slight electro sounding backing.  An uplifting and positive killer track. DELICATE CONDITION - One of my favourites, to categorise this closely, I could say it is an Echo & The Bunnymen/60s beat combo hybrid! Combining 80s early U2 guitar riffs, Electronic effects with brilliant harmonies, this is a proper chilled out foot tapper! JUST LIKE THE WAY SHE THOUGHT IT WILL BE - An atmospheric guitar ope

JOANovARC - "JOANovARC" 2019

JOANovARC "JOANovARC"   2019     BURNING - An almost Iron Maiden style opener to this second album by the female Rock quartet.  The vocals are akin to an angry Pat Benatar, it meanders along a little and doesn't have the great melodious Rock that previous songs have hinted at. WAITING FOR - This is more like what I expected from the band, a pumping Rock masterblaster, great riffs, elements of Classic Rock and a very slight leaning to Pop Rock, this is just awesome. DOWN BY THE RIVER - A slower tempo, almost Progressive Rock to start, before entering into a great chorus, reminding me of Joan Jett and a little early Heart.  Searing guitars and great vocals, another stomping rocker. PEOPLE COMING UP - The girls give us the Funk. simple in composition with a "whoah" chorus repeating but it hits the mark, you can't help but sing along and enjoy! TAKE IT OUT - This reminds me a little of early Bangles tracks.  It's catc


  SEASON OF GHOSTS "A LEAP OF FAITH" 2018   THE ROAD SO FAR - This second album by the band kicks off with a beautiful, gentle Asian styled melodic and relaxing orchestral piece lasting just over 2 minutes.     A PLACE TO CALL HOME   - Electro Rock intro and singer Sophia Aslanides (formerly of Japanese metal band Blood Stain Child) gives a powerful, intens Rock vocal fronting a thumping drumbeat and deep and heavy guitars.  Awesome track.    ASTERO(ID) - Atmospheric, big, loud Metal track with Sophia carrying the melody with the vocal.  Its brash arena style sound and frenetic rhythmic tempo are paired with some screeching guitar riffs.  Another gem. LISTEN - Sounding like a more metallic Avril Lavigne and hints of Amy Lee of Evanescence this is a straight up Rock track.  Its pace is relentless but if you listen in the headphones you can all the layers behind the pounding beat.   A LEAP OF FAITH - This track is like a merging of Pop Rock, New Wave and Classic Rock.  One