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  MARILLION   "FUGAZI" 1984 ASSASSING - The band's second studio album opens with their second single from the set.  It reached number 22 in the UK chart.  A big and brash anthemic track that combines their unique Progressive style with Classic Rock and a pounding drumbeat.  A powerful chorus and various vocals in his own inimitable style from Fish.  A brilliant track and a big favourite of mine. PUNCH AND JUDY - The debut single from this album that reached number 29 on the UK chart.  This is a more familiar modern Progressive Rock track with its medieval styled backing.  Still has a catchy chorus but its not as radio-friendly as the opening track but a classic to Marillion fans. JIGSAW - A lovely slow ballad kicking into a mini Progressive Rock opera.  So many changes in the song and vocals make this a brilliant experimental 6 minute jam.  Keeps you captivated to the last. EMERALD LIES - A mild, sprinkling soft intro until just after two minutes in when it kicks off


TORI AMOS   "BOYS FOR PELE" 1996 BEAUTY QUEEN/HORSES - Tori's third album opens up with this rather lovely slow ballad.  With Tori's sultry, breathy, angelic at times vocal taking the lead, this is a triumph. BLOOD ROSES -  So many genres hidden and explored in this track.  Rather heavy in tone, with Classical, Progressive and Classic Rock intertwined with the almost surreal medieval theme. FATHER LUCIFER - An eerie sounding track with a kind of nursery rhyme backing with a heavier part in the middle of the song where Tori merges screeching vocals with gentle soft sound.  Experimental genius. PROFESSIONAL WIDOW - This harpsichord driven Alternative Rock track was released as the third single and reached number 1 in the UK chart, although this was a remix (rather destroyed the original for me but the charts are very different now, geared to "popular" than good) .  This album version is much more slick. MR ZEBRA - A minute long quirky, whimsical nursery r