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NO DOUBT  "TRAGIC KINGDOM"   1995       SPIDERWEBS - The opening track has the previous album's styles of Ska and Reggae but with a Classic Rock, almost Progressive Rock backdrop at some points.  Its a high tempo manic starter for what's to come! EXCUSE ME MR. - A bouncy uptempo Classic/Pop Rock track that has slight elements of quirky Jazz moments, brilliant. JUST A GIRL - New Wave Punk track similar to tracks by early Blondie, frenetic with Gwen Stefani's angst ridden vocals lifting the song to bigger heights.     HAPPY NOW? - A Pop Rock track that reminds me both of Blondie and Bangles, melodious and a catchy harmonised chorus, great tune. DIFFERENT PEOPLE - A throwback to the previous albums, a quirky Ska/Reggae song with the minimal rocky sound in the background this time.  Takes you back to Selecter and The Specials times. HEY YOU - Psychedelic 60s Pop Rock, with some great Classic Rock vocals from Gwen. TH