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FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD "WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME" 1984     WELL.../THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER/SNATCH OF FURY - This serves as a teaser for what is to come.  A small medley of sorts with siren-like singing, mysterious ancient film extracts and Holly Johnson announcing the world is his oyster and giving us his best maniacal laugh!.  Weird, eerie and unusual, just what we wanted from their debut album! WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME - This 13 minute version is a riveting listen, just what you expected, the unexpected! It was cinematic, chanting abound, little instrumental breaks ending with another maniacal laugh and a little Holly giggle having fun.  This was Frankie's "Bohemian Rhapsody" epic. RELAX - A Disco and Club classic, numerous versions and remixes and a debut Number 1 for the band.  Pumping beat throughout with Holly's unique vocals.  Always about gay sex but initially the band's media claimed it was about "feelin


FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD    "LIVERPOOL" 1986   WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND - The opening track to the band's second and sadly, final studio album hit number 19 in the UK chart and was the first single to not reach the Top 10.  There are the Electro Rock elements from part of the first album and hints to Prog Rock.  Atmospheric and a great thumping chorus.  Not sure why the critics hated this as I think it is a worthy successor to the previous singles.   RAGE HARD - The first single from the album and it reached number 4 in the UK chart continuing the band's run of Top 10 hits.  A "Two Tribes" like Hard Rock rhythm and pumping guitars backing Holly's inimitable emotional and angry booming vocals.  This is a great track and I always felt this album deserved a better response, maybe the Frankies' could have carried on.   KILL THE PAIN - A slight drop in tempo to start but picking up in pace as the song goes on.  A New Wave almost Punk sound merging in