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HOWARD JONES "HUMAN'S LIB" 1984 CONDITIONING - The debut album from one of the 80s pioneers of Synth Pop opens with a very Kraftwerk-esque track.  It's minimal lyrics and equally minimal sound add to its charm.  Its quirky rhythm and experimental blips and squeaks surely nod to the German masters' work. WHAT IS LOVE? - The second single that reached number 2 in the UK chart.  This was a much more polished almost New Wave kind of Synth Pop track.  Atmospheric and with a very catchy and memorable chorus make this one of the best songs of the 80s and also of Jones' catalogue.     PEARL IN THE SHELL - A great track, not as popular as some of his big hits but this is a funky, kind of jazzy New Wave style song.  There is some nice saxophone by The Blockheads' Davey Payne.  It is unique and has a little of everything which makes it special.  Not as catchy a chorus as usual but the beat and jaunty style merging with the big and brash saxophone lift it to bigger