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HUE AND CRY    "SEDUCED AND ABANDONED" 1987   STRENGTH TO STRENGTH - The band's debut album, considered to be "sophisti-pop" saved my music listening pleasures along with fellow Scottish counterparts, Deacon Blue, Texas, The Proclaimers and Del Amitri.  Amidst the onrush of Acid House and boybands etc this was bliss.  This opening track criminally was ignored after the success of "Labour of Love".  It is an unusual orchestral Pop Rock track with old style crooning vocals.  Great harmonies and melodies. HISTORY CITY - This track is a mix of Jazz Blues with a little Funk and some awesome vocals from Pat Kane backed ably by his brother Greg on various keyboards.  Its punchy and bright and you can't help but move your feet! GOODBYE TO ME - A pure Pop Soul track with a Country twang.  The band have a great ear for lush melodies and this is no exception.  The lyrics are sometimes highbrow but the sound id incredibly engaging. HUMAN TOUCH - A gentle