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"JAILBREAK" 1976 JAILBREAK - The opening track is a mid tempo rocker with an almost funky drumbeat, screeching guitar solos in the backing track and a scorching insrtumental break after the 2 minute mark complete with "jailbeak" sirens.  A memorable chorus completes a classic Thin Lizzy track. ANGEL FROM THE COAST - A chug-a-chug guitar picking and drumbeat , almost Celtic style, similar to the usual backing Iron Maiden took on later on in the 80s.  Uptempo 70s Rock track that simmers along nicely, not one of my favourites but the backing music sure gets you tapping your feet. RUNNING BACK - A really nice, laid back song, almost Blues Rock with a slight Pop element. ROMEO AND THE LONELY GIRL - I really like this song, its a little cheesy in the lyric, "poor romeo sitting all on his owni-io"!  Other than that its a nice song with the usual great guitar moments.   WARRIORS - A little  Progressive Rock, typical 70s style


THE CORRS "FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN"   1995     ERIN SHORE - Traditional intro for 30 seconds, a sweet minimal Irish instrumental which seamelessly links into the drumbeat of the title track that follows. FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN -  haS that mystical medieval feel, Pop Rock with a hint of Celtic backdrop.     HEAVEN KNOWS - A more poppy track which reminds me of the singing group Wilson Phillips or early Bangles.  Great harmonies showcasing the girls' vocals. ALONG WITH THE GIRLS -  An instrumental that does what it says on the tin! The girls giving us a brief 50 second showcase of their prowess on various classic Irish instruments.   SOMEDAY - A real Pop Rock track, heavier drums than usual, catchy chorus,  lots of musical backing going on and it works brilliantly.  RUNAWAY - The debut single hit me like a ton of bricks.  A simple yet effectively emotive and cutely sung by Andrea Corr.  Loved this on first listen and prom