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  JEFF MCCALL   "SOMEBODY" 2020   SOMEBODY - Jeff's third album starts off with an intro straight out of Kraftwerk's copybook before a more moody Industrial sound kicks in.  The chorus changes to a more melodious Pop sound akin to of Erasure before returning to the Depeche Mode style Synth Rock.  Jeff has this 80s retro sound licked and this is another catchy gem. I SEE YOU - A little more uptempo this one, straight out Synth Pop reminiscing the sound of The Human League.  This could easily have fit on the classic album, "Dare" from 1981.  It also reminds me a little of A Flock Of Seagulls in its minimal, simple catchy beat and lyrics.  Nice. NO TIME TO DIE - A more Europop Synth style on this track.  If anyone recalls Berlin's 2nd album, "Pleasure Victim" (way before the 4th album that gave us "Take Your Breath Away") this is similar to that great infectious almost disco beat with a memorable chorus.   TWILIGHT ZONE - Possiby my f


JEFF MCCALL    "THOUGHTS & CROSSES" 2019   WE LEARN - As with most of Jeff McCall's retro 80s Synth Pop it is a great mix of a variety of styles and artists of that era.  This opening track is no exception.  There is a little Kraftwerk intro until the Dave Gahan like lyrics come in.   Indeed is sounds a lot like Gahan's band Depeche Mode with a hint of very early Spandau Ballet before they became "soul" boys.     METAL MAN - If you are a fan of Thompson Twins and Erasure you will love this track.  It is a quirky mix of both bands with a pulating Electro beat with a melodious up and down backing with McCall lifting the song with his vocals to more uptempo style. ON MY MIND - This second album continues with a slow, emotive ballad.  This is more Pop than the previous two, more New Wave or New Romantic with the sound reminiscent of The Human League.  A really nice song with a great chorus. I WONDER - This track reminds me of A-ha, its soft Synth Pop bac


JEFF MCCALL "NIGHT LIFE" 2017 NIGHT LIFE -  This opening track reminds me of Heaven 17 with a hint of Krafwerk's electronic vocal backing on the chorus.  Bright and breezy with a great vocal, a pumping electronic beat and catchy chorus.  Sets you up nicely for the nostalgic glimpse into your 80s past that is to come.     HAVEN'T I TRIED - Starts with a person walking and whistling before the footsteps change into a throbbing electrobeat, synths and handclap sounds.  The verses are clearly Erasure-like but the chorus somehow changes into Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys! Great song, the chorus is sing-a-long catchy and the vocals and composition are perfect Electro Pop. WHEN YOU FALL - A powerful and emotive Electro Rock ballad with an eerie atmospheric style.  As a big fan of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet it reminds me a little of their very early albums.  The chorus is akin to David Sylvian of Japan, with that low, almost monotone