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DEL AMITRI "WAKING HOURS" 1989     KISS THIS THING GOODBYE - I only heard this single after I had bought the album and instantly loved it.  It has a real live sound like every Del Amitri song, that pure sound where you can hear every instrument and vocal clear.  It was very like a Scottish folk song but rockier.     OPPOSITE VIEW - A kind of Genesis/The Cars hybrid.  Uptempo and twangy guitar solos and crashing drums abound, this track proved that the band could Rock out if they felt the need. MOVE AWAY JIMMY BLUE -  Was a gorgeous ballad in the style of hit single, "Nothing Ever Happens", minimal backing once again for Justin Currie's emotive, throaty vocals. STONE COLD SOBER -  A slower tempo ballad.  It reminded me a lot of The Police and The Cars, half British, half American 80s Pop Rock. YOU'RE GONE - A dark and mysterious track, based around guitar and drums, a slight Country Rock feel and again hard hittin