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KEVIN NOLAN "LET'S ALL GET NERVOUS" 2020 THE DEAD-BEAT - An eerie, atmospheric, effects laden opener to the album.  A basic robotic style intro picks up pace behind a spoken narrative.  Elements of Iggy Pop, Tom Waits and Kraftwerk with a little Gothic Rock influence make this sparkle.  At the 3 minute mark the tempo and depth increases with a funky upbeat segement with reverb echoed effects to the end.  Hard to define a genre when it incorporates so many in one song! Interesting experimental start to the Irish star's second album.     HUMAN STORY (Stet) (featuring Mick Pyro) - Intro reminds me a little of INXS backing and Michael Hutchence vocals or maybe Matt Johnson's The The.  A kind of funky Rock opening merges into an Electronic Punk style with interspersed effects.  Another song breaking a few genre boundaries.  A little 60s/70s Progressive and Classic Rock, with late 70s, early 80s New Wave Electonica.  It shouldn't work but i