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  KRAFTWERK  "AUTOBAHN" 1975 AUTOBAHN - The debut single from this album that reached number 11 in the UK chart and is also the title track.  At over 22 minutes long this epic song takes more than half of the album's entire length.  It kicks off with an engine starting, merging into a quirky and easy going Pop Synth intro.  At the 9 minute mark it hits a sc-fi styled Electronica with vocoded effects.  It ends with a nice, melancholic, atmospheric vibe. KOMETENMELODIE 1 - This is an eerie sounding track with lots of whirrs and whistles and with a very dark tone.  Reminding me of the scary sci-fi TV programmes growing up! I think this translates as Comet Melody. KOMETENMELODIE 2 - The slight intro is similar to the previous track but a bright and breezy Synth Pop sound is added to give it a real uplifting ambience.     MITTERNACHT - I believe this translates to "Midnight", German viewers please accept my apologies if my translations are off! A very dark and mo


KRAFTWERK "THE MAN MACHINE" 1978     THE ROBOTS - The album opener kicks off with a similar synth style that Thompson Twins would master a few years later.  A quirky robotic (obviously) melody throughout with the occasional synth Funk elements.  The chorus when it comes is basically "we are the robots" but it still sticks in your head!      SPACELAB - A track that has a futuristic Disco beat but the almost melancholic melody over the top and eerie sci fi segments make this unique.  It is structured almost like a Pop ballad, its emotive in a weird kind of way.  Classic Kraftwerk genius. METROPOLIS - This starts off in almost cathedral likefashion before launching into a mid tempo Pop synth ballad mostly instrumental track.  Maybe inspired by Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece movie "Metropolis".   THE MODEL - The track that was so far ahead of its time it became a massice hit and reached number 1 in the UK four years later.  U