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MADNESS "ABSOLUTELY"   1980     BAGGY TROUSERS - The opening track was the one that got me hooked on Madness, I wasn't really into Two Tone or Ska at this point but their qurky sound was so unique.  It was a slice of infectious Pop with a little Punk, and the catchy qualities of Pop.  Sheer class.     EMBARRASSMENT - A darker tone on this track, and a little more New Wave Pop than previous Madness tracks.  It was apparently about band member Lee Thompson's sister being pregnant by a black man.  Although the lyrics were darker, the slightly upbeat music kept it light.     E.R.N.I.E. - This is a "nursery rhyme" style chirpy little Ska ditty that is thoroughly engaging and experimental with almost fairground style backing.  Also the backing vocals make it sound a little more Punk. CLOSE ESCAPE - This is more a Ska Punk track.  Reminds me of Ian Dury and that style of quirky jagged tempo. NOT HOME TODAY - The beat and