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A-HA "SCOUNDREL DAYS" 1986 SCOUNDREL DAYS - The opener on this, the band's second album laid the groundwork for the rest of the album.  Whereas the debut, "Hunting High And Low" was pure Electronic Pop, this sequel was a more mature rockier sound.  This first track was like a New Wave/Synth Rock hybrid.  Atmospheric, a variety of vocal ranges from lead singer Morten Harket and quite a lot going on if you listen closely.  A great start. THE SWING OF THINGS - Another brilliant experimental track, Electro Pop with a funky background and some twangy Country guitars at times.  Its almost a ballad, it shouldn't work but it does.  An absolute gem, one of my favourite songs by the band. I'VE BEEN LOSING YOU - The lead single from the album and its a cracker.  Sounding nothing like the previous album, this was the Pop Rock sound that was to come in the next few albums.  Great harmonies merge with crashing drums and guitars with an uptempo rhythm.  These guys w