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SHAKESPEAR'S SISTE R "SACRED HEART" 1989 HEROINE - The opening track to this debut album by the duo of ex-Bananarama singer Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit is an experimental masterpiece.  The driving beat carries a Synth Rock track akin to INXS, while the vocals are a hybrid of Punk and Goth.  It is dark but poppy, eerie but quirky and a storming introduction to the band.  Any Bananarama fans hoping for cute Pop songs were in for a shock. RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP - This track slows down the tempo a little, its a beautiful slice of Electro Pop.  Gorgeous harmonies and melody and a memorable chorus. It is also a little Dream Pop in style.  Nice. DIRTY MIND - A fast based mostly drum and bass dance track.  Sexy, breathy vocals and some slight funky Prince "Kiss" like guitars don't really carry it for me, not a favourite of mine. I am sure the kids in the clubs loved it but after the first two glorious compositions this is a disappointment. SACRED HEART - Th