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GUNS N' ROSES - 1988 -1991 (3 ALBUMS)

  "G N' R LIES" 1988 RECKLESS LIFE - The opening track to this second album featured on the band's E.P. "Live ?!*@Like A Suicide" along with the next three tracks.  This is a frenetic Classic Rock song with screeching vocals from Axl Rose and its pretty basic cliched rock fare sounding like early AC/DC.  Was a song from Hollywood Rose (the band that would become Guns N' Roses). NICE BOYS - This is a more Led Zeppelin styled song but with a catchy little chorus of "nice boys don't play rock n' roll!".  I quite like this track even though it is very raw.  This is a cover of Australian band Rose Tattoo's  track. MOVE TO THE CITY - This is a great Glam Rock/Blues style akin to Marc Bolan/T-Rex.  More accomplished than the previous tracks and more apt to the "Appetite For Destruction" album. MAMA KIN - A cover of an Aerosmith track.  New Wave Pop Heavy Rock/Pop hybrid.  Another good track. PATIENCE - The first of 4 new Ac

QUEEN - 1973 - 1984 (2 ALBUMS)

"QUEEN" 1973 KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE - The debut single opens this first album by the band.  It remains the only single not to chart in the UK and was pretty much ignored.   It sounds like an experimental track with many genres intertwined, Glam, Progressive and Hard Rock.  Its still a great track though. DOING ALRIGHT - A stop-start track in the vein of Meatloaf.  It is an extravagant dramatic operatic style song changing places with aggressive guitar solos at intervals in the song.  It's soft, emotional vocals from Freddie Mercury kind of get lost when the Hard Rock parts kick in.  Not one of my favourites. GREAT KING RAT - Awesone Classic Rock track, lots of searing guitars and pure rocked up vocals.  Reminds me of very early Europe, its got that raw, live feel. MY FAIRY KING - Piano, guitars and drums mix that doesn't really hit it for me.  You either do it right like Meat Loaf or not at all.  Its an ok song but nothing great, a little bit too twee for a Rock ban

FIREBUG - 2018 - 2022 (2 ALBUMS)

"WANDERING SOUL"   2018 FOLLOWER - The opening track sounds like a ZZ Top/90s Grunge hybrid.  Awesome Blues Rock guitars and drums backing with vocalist Juliette Tworsey's snarling vocals akin to someone like PJ Harvey make this a stomping intro!     SINNER - Classic 70s style Rock with slight hints of Blues and Country and also Progressive Rock.  A bit of everything make this a great track. WINE, WATER AND BREAD - One of my favourites by the band, a Blues Rock slow tempo tune with hints of 60s and 70s Psychedelic leanings.  Superb track.     WANDERING SOUL - The title track reminds me a little of Paloma Faith, an almost funky Jazz/Blues style midtempo jam that emphasises the creativity of the band to sample many genres. THE RIVER - Early 70s Progressive Rock takes centre stage here with hints of hippie style Psychedelia effects and echoes.  Experimental and is almost like early Heart or Fleetwodd Mac. FOOL LIKE ME - A raw