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INXS "LISTEN LIKE THIEVES" 1985     WHAT YOU NEED - The opening track of the album had a bit of everything which was unusual in Rock songs at the time.  Acoustic verses then Hard Rock chorus, and a little bit of saxophone thrown in for good measure.  One of my favourites.   LISTEN LIKE THIEVES - The title track has a Rolling Stones Rock vibe, saxophone parts, typical guitar riffs and a funky bassline, with Michael Hutchence giving his best Mick Jagger-like vocals.  Absolutely loved this song on first listen.     KISS THE DIRT(FALLING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN) - Is similar to songs on the previous album "The Swing", a little more Pop and a swaying gentle song with a lovely chorus. SHINE LIKE IT DOES - Classic 80s Pop Rock, the band find their niche, lyrically and musically a brilliant track, which progressed later and brought us the classics such as "Mystify" and "Need You Tonight". GOOD + BAD TIMES - A mix of se