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THE CULT - "LOVE" 1985

THE CULT "LOVE"   1985       NIRVANA - This opening track, has all the Classic Rock elements and could have easily fitted in the "Hair Metal" of the 80s. BIG NEON GLITTER - Brilliant mash up of off tune vocals but with with a kind of Rolling Stones chorus and screeching guitars that reminded me a little of Big Country amidst some tiny specks of Progressive Rock.  Class song! LOVE -  The title track is superb, its kind of a Classic Rock/Punk hybrid with sounds like Adam And The Ants' "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" album, searing guitars and thumping drums.  Well I love it. BROTHER WOLF, SISTER MOON - Epic ballad that stretches to 6 and a half minutes.  I remember hearing this in headphones and the sounds are incredible, more instrumental than the previous tracks and proved the band could experiement with different sounds. RAIN - A fans' live favourite and is one of my favourites from the band.  A