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MADONNA   "TRUE BLUE" 1986   PAPA DON'T PREACH - Madonna's third studio album opens with the critically acclaimed track that was her second number 1 in the UK chart.  A positive anthem for young mothers everywhere and stressing the message that women can be strong in adversity.  This strong feminine image was pioneering to women throughout the 80s and 90s.  A great mid tempo orchestrated Pop ballad.  Classic. OPEN YOUR HEART - A favourite track of mine, I love the throbbing uptempo clattering of drums.  A great anthemic chorus and big vocals from Madonna. reaching number 4 on the UK chart, the top ten hits kept coming.  This had a hint of Motown and R 'n B in there too.  One of Madonna's best.   WHITE HEAT - This is a mid to fast paced Synth Pop with hints of Rock guitar sounds.  Sampling the film White Heat's dialogue and gunshots its a decent song.  Not one of my favourites but its got a good tempo but is a little too repetitive for me.  As with all g