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HEART - "HEART" 1985

HEART "HEART"   1985     IF LOOKS COULD KILL - The album opener, and a typical 80s hard rocker, lots of searing guitars and a pumping beat, with a catchy killer chorus and this is a gem.  Classic Heart. WHAT ABOUT LOVE - Originally recorded by Canadian band Toronto, this is the best known version.  An anthemic orchestral-like Rock ballad, Ann Wilson's booming and awesome vocals bring this one to life, great song. NEVER - A bright Pop Rock number with a backdrop positive message about being uplifted after being discouraged by love.  A lovely song that again is lifted by Ann's superb emotive vocals.  Keyboards and guitars mix that was popular in radio friendly Rock music at the time. THESE DREAMS - Nancy Wilson (apparently full of a cold, hence creating rasping vocals) took charge of this song from Ann.  A simply beautiful and sweet Rock ballad, Heart's biggest hit of this fine album.      THE WOLF - This is going back to e