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NATALIE IMBRUGLIA "LEFT OF THE MIDDLE"   1997     TORN - One of my alltime favourite songs by any artist and this was a massive hit globally for ex-Neighbours star Natalie Imbruglia proving she wasn't a bubblegum puppet unlike some of the other soap stars.  This was a brilliant Pop Rock track that was a cover of obscure Rock band Ednaswap who hadn't released it before this version.  Pure sultry vocals, a slight dance beat and swirling melodies made this a top song by any artist.     ONE MORE ADDICTION - A more edgy side of Rock for this track, an almost funky backing similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Natalie's Edie Brickell/Sophie B. Hawkins style vocals.  Very cool track. BIG MISTAKE - A Grunge Rock style similar to Garbage and Paramore, quiet, angst ridden vocals  build into a storming anthemic chorus with a crash of drums and guitars.       LEAVE ME ALONE - A kind of Morcheeba style Trip Hop merged with a little Jazz.  S