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NICK HEYWARD "NORTH OF A MIRACLE"   1983     WHEN IT STARTED TO BEGIN - The opening track is an orchestral based, breezy Pop song, similar to Nick's former band Haircut 100 but more accomplished in style.   BLUE HAT FOR A BLUE DAY - One of my favourite 80s songs not just by Nick.  A minimal, melodious Pop ballad, with a memorable chorus and great lyrics proving Nick was a very underrated songwriter and possibly still is.  Lovely song.     TWO MAKE IT TRUE - A track with a slight Country twang interspersed with some bright jazzy Pop.  Another great tune.   ON A SUNDAY - Reminds me a little of The Police and Men At Work with a little of The Cars, almost Reggae Pop Rock.  Sophisticated and classy. CLUB BOY AT SEA - Lots of different orchestral and effects but this is probably my least favourite on the album, its a slow tempo kind of Pop ballad.  On such a great debut album this is probably my filler. WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - A sim


  NICK HEYWARD "POSTCARDS FROM HOME" 1986 MOVE IT UP - The second solo album Nick Heyward opens up with the same funky Jazz Blues style of his debut, "North Of A Miracle".  It's an upbeat catchy track that is a great intro to the album. OVER THE WEEKEND - The first single to be released from the album only reached number 43 in the UK chart.  It is in similar vein to his previous group (Haircut 100) music style.  It is pure stright out Pop with a slight Motown feel.   GOODBYE YESTERDAY - This second single reached the ridiculous number 82 in the UK chart.  One of the most underrated songwriters had such a rough deal in the UK chart.  It's a laid back, almost summery track with some beautiful melodies and an infectious, catchy chorus.   AGAIN IN MY HEART - This isn't one of my favourites and is a slight disappointment, the man who penned "Whistle Down The Wind", this is a slow ballad that really goes nowhere. WE'VE ALL BEEN KISSED - Nick