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"HUMAN RACING" 1984 DANCING GIRLS - The debut album by incredibly talented singer-songwriter Nik Kershaw opens with this fast paced Synth Pop track.  The clever orchestrated synths and whirrs over the chorus fill the sound out.  Nik was always inventive and that what set him apart from other Electronic acts of the 80s.  This single reached number 13 in the chart.  Its catchy Pop at its best. WOULDN'T IT BE GOOD - The memorable opening guitar riff kicks off this classic 80s song and when the melody hits in, its just perfect.  Add a catchy chorus and stunning video and this made Nik a star.  Reaching number 4 in the UK chart it paved the way for continued success throughout the mid 80s.  Brilliant song.   DRUM TALK - A really unusual track, based solely on synthesised drums and special effect but its infectious tempo keeps it engaging.  The lyrics are very simple but the overdubbed chanted and effects laden vocals make it a very clever song and I loved singing along to t