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ONOFF - 2017 (1 ALBUM)

"REBORN" 2017   KEEP THAT FIRE BURNING - The first track is a little New Wave Punk with the power and angst ridden vocals of The Clash.  Awesome Hendrix-like guitar parts at around the 2 minute mark.  A rockin' Punk masterpiece to open the Irish band's second album.  Its brain busting maddening pace give you a mindblowing intro to this album.  Parts also remind me of Foo Fighters and Green Day.     HAYLEY - A throbbing drumbeat reminding me of Iggy Pop, with vocals from lead singer "Paulie" sounding very much like Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.  A frenetic pace continues throughout the song with slight hints to Foo Fighters and snippets of Classic Rock.  A little funky Rock Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens Of The Stone Age influences too I suspect too.  Brilliant track with super guitar solos.         INNOCENCE - New Wave Punk, sounding a little like Goo Goo Dolls.  Well crafted track that is becoming a favourite of mine sinc