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QUEEN - "QUEEN" 1973

  QUEEN "QUEEN" 1973 KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE - The debut single opens this first album by the band.  It remains the only single not to chart in the UK and was pretty much ignored.   It sounds like an experimental track with many genres intertwined, Glam, Progressive and Hard Rock.  Its still a great track though.   DOING ALRIGHT - A stop-start track in the vein of Meatloaf.  It is an extravagant dramatic operatic style song changing places with aggressive guitar solos at intervals in the song.  It's soft, emotional vocals from Freddie Mercury kind of get lost when the Hard Rock parts kick in.  Not one of my favourites. GREAT KING RAT - Awesone Classic Rock track, lots of searing guitars and pure rocked up vocals.  Reminds me of very early Europe, its got that raw, live feel. MY FAIRY KING - Piano, guitars and drums mix that doesn't really hit it for me.  You either do it right like Meat Loaf or not at all.  Its an ok song but nothing great, a little bit too twee for


MARIKA RAUSCHER "A BROKEN HEART"   2013     SPINNING - The album opens with a happy, jolly number which conveys the happiness, of falling for someone and the 'spinning' in your head when you have good spirits and excitement of a new love.  It brings images of those old fashioned films where the lady in a ball gown is twirling around crazily on the dancefloor in a daze because she is so elated. ONLY YOU - Marika really shows off her vocal range in this emotive and powerful track pronouncing the lady's love for her 'special' one. LOVE'S FIRST KISS - Both piano and vocal are turned down to a more romantic, mellow calm to relay that moment we all dread but is one of the defining moments of new love, that first kiss! Marika is the chanteuse here which evokes the imagery of her lying on a piano in one of those smoky bars of the past singing about her moment to everyone. THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN - Quite a solemn, eerie trac