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  TORI AMOS  "UNDER THE PINK" 1994 PRETTY GOOD YEAR - Tori's second studio album kicks off with this quirky, sometimes sad and ironic but a great track.  Lots of beautiful soft, pure vocals, piano orchestrated anthemic parts, agonised screams.  Its unique keyboards led Alternative Rock sounds like nothing else as was introduced on her debut album, "Little Earthquakes".  As a single it reached number 7 in the UK chart. GOD - A sarcastic message to God, with the lyrics "God, sometimes you just don't come through, do you need a woman to look after you?".  The song is like a distorted Electronic Rock number with even the odd "angels" chant.  One of my favourites, it has a little brashness and good tempo.  Maybe the subject matter controversy halted this single's progress at number 44 in the UK. BELLS FOR HER - A sparse piano led ballad-like track with the keys almost sounding like Christmas chimes.  This is not a cheerful song, its qu