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BILLY JOEL "AN INNOCENT MAN"   1983     EASY MONEY - A Soul/Funk foot stomper, in the style of James Brown and one of my favourites, and maybe could have been a single but maybe there were just too many great tracks on this album. AN INNOCENT MAN -  The 50s style of The Drifters (of whom my dad was a big fan) sounded great to me and brought back some memories of secretly playing the band's hits on old vinyl.  The song continued Billy's Top Ten singles successes from this album. THE LONGEST TIME - Again another different style and genre.  A classic Doo-Wop song complete with finger snaps and hand claps and various harmonic vocal backing.  The crazy thing is, these songs are usually made by vocal groups but Billy decided he wanted to do all the backing himself including the percussive elements and vocal ranges. THIS NIGHT - Probably the the "filler" song for me, not that it is bad but the other songs are so gre