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  PAUL YOUNG “NO PARLEZ” 1983 COME BACK AND STAY - A cover of Jack Lee’s 1981 song opens this debut album by one of the best voices in music.  This is a Soul track with an updated New Wave style.  This fourth single from the album reached number 4 in the UK chart following on the success of "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)".   LOVE WILL TEAR US APART - A great, updated cover of Joy Division's 1980 classic.  The elements are still there from the original with Paul giving it a Soul update  WHEREVER I LAY MY HAT (THAT'S MY HOME) - The fantastic track that got me listening to Paul regularly.  Such a great vocals on this track. First recorded by Marvin Gaye in 1962 this rendition got Paul his first number 1 in the UK and set him on the way for a great 80s and long standing career. KU KU KURAM A - A madcap 80s Synth Pop/New Wave track reminiscing Nik Kershaw or Howard Jones.  Its engaging but an experimental mish mash and wastes Paul's voice hidden in the


SPICE GIRLS "SPICE" 1996   WANNABE - The opening track and debut single by the girls.  A mega hit all over the globe and introduced "girl power" to the masses.  An almost Motown Dance Pop feel interspersed with rapping segments it paved the way for numerous girl acts throughout the 90s and beyond.  Ironically not my favourite "Spice" song I think they have made better tracks.     SAY YOU'LL BE THERE - One of my favourite tracks by the girl and the video allowed the girls to glam up "superhero" scenarios.  An Electronic backing track with a Motown/R n' B style make this a memorable song with a touch of a harmonica solo as well.   2 BECOME 1 - A lush, sophisticated Pop ballad that became a Christmas Number One despite the lyrics talking about two lovers bonding and the importance of using contraception.  Really lovely song and a Spice gem. LOVE THING - The first non-single to appear on this album.  Its pre