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RADIO DRIVE - 2012 - 2021(4 ALBUMS)

"DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE" 2012 ONE TIN MAN - The debut album by Kevin Gullickson's Radio Drive opens with this bright and breezy track.  Its 90s BritPop style are reminiscent of R.E.M.  A great introduction to this set.   DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE - This title track is a brilliant chugging 60s/70s style outright rocker.  I love this track, an instant favourite.  There are some interesting Eastern influenced keyboards in there I think and the echoed vocals give it a mystical feel as well. LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE - A really lovely, lilting ballad that has Dream Pop moments and a slight Eastern flavour again with the chiming intro.  Nice track to relax to after a stressful day. THE WINNING EDGE - This is a harder Classic Rock track, although an instrumental its atmospheric backing makes this a great listen.  At just less than 3 minutes it showcases yet again the different styles that Radio Drive can take on with ease.  Also has hints of Progressive Rock, classy track. ONE LIFE TO