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  JACK SAVORETTI  "EUROPIANA" 2021 I REMEMBER US - Jack's seventh studio album opens with this unusual merging of Europop and an orchestral Rock ballad.  Containing childlike harmonised voices and Jack's emotional throaty vocals.  A really nice song.  Anthemic and 80s-like. SECRET LIFE - Another genre explored here, Jack gives us some midtempo Dance music with a throbbing, steady drumbeat similar to late 80s, early 90s clube hits.  WHO'S HURTING WHO (featuring Nile Rodgers) - Co-wriiten with Mark Ralph and the Chic legend Nile Rodgers.  A catchy, memorable chorus intertwines a great retro 70s funky Disco feel.  Great track.   WHEN YOU'RE LONELY (featuring John Oates) - This track includes another star of the 80s, one half of Hall & Oates!.  The song has a slight Latin feel and is a laid back slow Pop ballad.  It reminds me of Wet Wet Wet in their heyday.  MORE THAN EVER - A slow, piano led ballad that Jack lifts to new heights with some impassioned, emot


JEFF MCCALL "NIGHT LIFE" 2017 NIGHT LIFE -  This opening track reminds me of Heaven 17 with a hint of Krafwerk's electronic vocal backing on the chorus.  Bright and breezy with a great vocal, a pumping electronic beat and catchy chorus.  Sets you up nicely for the nostalgic glimpse into your 80s past that is to come.     HAVEN'T I TRIED - Starts with a person walking and whistling before the footsteps change into a throbbing electrobeat, synths and handclap sounds.  The verses are clearly Erasure-like but the chorus somehow changes into Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys! Great song, the chorus is sing-a-long catchy and the vocals and composition are perfect Electro Pop. WHEN YOU FALL - A powerful and emotive Electro Rock ballad with an eerie atmospheric style.  As a big fan of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet it reminds me a little of their very early albums.  The chorus is akin to David Sylvian of Japan, with that low, almost monotone