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BON JOVI "KEEP THE FAITH"   1992       I BELIEVE - A crash of drums and screeching guitars set off this album nicely that re-invented the band as a quality, mature Rock outfit..  Top notch Hard Rock track that pumps up the volume right from the start. KEEP THE FAITH - In my opinion one of the band's best ever songs.  The chug-a-chug drumbeat keeps the pace throughout while singer Jon Bon Jovi tests his whole vocal range on the track.  The optimistic, upbeat, positive anthemic chorus and screeching guitar solos are just awesome.  Pure hard Rock N' Roll at its best. I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD - A brilliant Blues Rock track, its fun, quirky and has a chorus that you just can't help singing along as a matter of fact statement! Enjoy yourselves while alive! IN THESE ARMS - An emotive Pop Rock song that drives along at a quick pace just enough to cancel out a ballad genre.  Its soulful, passionate and is still a fan favour