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MICHAEL JACKSON "OFF THE WALL" 1979     DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH - Brilliant single and a thumping Disco Funk that makes you want to get on your feet and boogie. This was the start of the new vocal styles includging "hiccups", "woohoo's" and grunts that would make his later songs his own and a unique sound of his own.     ROCK WITH YOU -  A much slower tempo, a Disco/Soul ballad with a little Funk.  One of my favourite tracks from MJ.   It was apparently offered to Karen Carpenter but she turned it down, it proved to be one of the defining hits of the Disco era.     WORKING DAY AND NIGHT -  Another Disco Funk track similar to "Don't Stop.." in composition.  The non stop rhythm, repetitive catchy singalong lines and chorus and funky basslines.  Not a single but one of MJ's most popular songs. GET ON THE FLOOR - A real funky track, not much lyrically but a throbbing funky bass drives this


CHRISTINA AGUILERA "STRIPPED" 2002     STRIPPED INTRO - Exactly what it says, its an intro.  A few effects, almost like radio searching and Christina vocals. CAN'T HOLD US DOWN (Featuring Lil' Kim) - Funky Hip Hop with some R n' B thrown in for good measure.  It reached Number 6 in the UK charts and is considered by some quarters as a "feminist anthem". WALK AWAY - Piano led ballad, emotional vocals from Christina singing about an abusive relationship, really nice laid back song with a message. FIGHTER - One of my favourite tracks, a more rockier sound which suits Christina's booming vocals really well.  Elements of Classic Rock with slight hints of R n' B, clever.  Catchy and memorable chorus.   Brilliant song.     PRIMER AMOR INTERLUDE - 50 second Spanish interlude, a filler but not really sure why its here. INFATUATION - Very similar style to "Genie In A Bottle".  Pop song but not as catchy as the afore