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DAGGERPLAY - 2013 - 2018 (2 ALBUMS)

"URBAN CAMPFIRE SONGS" 2013 HIGH ROADS & HOLLOWAYS - The debut album by the Finnish rockers kicks off in frenetic style.  A track that seems to be a hybrid of Sex Pistols and The Clash.  Pulsating beat and thrashing guitars with equally manic vocals.  Great opening! BRAINFUCK EUPHORIA - Another cleverly melodious Punk Rock track, the chanted vocals remind me of 80s band Tenpole Tudor and a little Green Day but more rockier.  Surprisingly gets more catchy the more you listen! BLIND HORSES - This track reminds me of Gogol Bordello's brilliant Gypsy Punk Folk.  Imagine an all out rocky sea shanty and this is it! Quirky and fun! GLITTER RODEO - A fast paced song with musical backing that is kind of New Wave Punk, something like early Blondie, The Ramones or Generation X with typically sneery Billy Idol-like vocals.  A great track. NOW I WANNA LISTEN TO THE RAMONES - Ironically I just mentioned The Ramones and here they get a namecheck.  This is classic New Wave Punk