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ROXETTE "LOOK SHARP!" 1988 THE LOOK - The opening track of the album and the first big international hit for Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson.  It was also the first song that got me hooked into Roxette's brand of music with the irresistibly catchy melodies and chrouses.  This was a slice of Swedish brilliance, with Per taking on lead vocals on a funky Pop Rock tune that sticks in the memory.  Sheer class.     DRESSED FOR SUCCESS - A slightly slower and less funky, typically 80s New Wave Pop.  Marie takes lead vocals and her extraordinary range carries this to new heights.  A booming chorus from her steals the show and makes this a grower, if not in the class of "The Look". SLEEPING SINGLE - Almost Electro Pop track, with snippets of saxophone and funky guitar with Marie singlehandedly carrying a lesser track to an engaging, higher momentum.  Its cool and laid back, good but not a masterpiece. PAINT - Love this track, a little Disco Pop merged with 80s New R