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"TOUCH ME" 1986   TOUCH ME (I WANT YOUR BODY) - Sometimes making a huge switch in careers can be troublesome.  Samantha Fox started as a 16 year old glamour model and became the most sought after pin-up girl in the 80s.  However in 1986 she turned to music and released this great Pop album.  Opening with this massive debut hit, number 3 in the UK chart its a great slice of Synth and Dance Pop with hints of Rock.  Catchy, saucy, sexy and memorable.  I'M ALL YOU NEED - The fourth and final single from this album only reached number 41 in the UK chart.  This is a really nice, quirky Synth Pop track epitomising the early to mid 80s Electronic music boom.  Catchy chorus and some lovely vocals from Samantha. SUZIE, DON'T LEAVE ME WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND - A kind of Motown/ R n' B simple track.  Doesn't really go anywhere to be too engaging on the ear.  Not one of my favourites and definitely a filler here. WILDA KIND OF LOVE - The intro shouts of "Wild" so