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  SEASON OF GHOSTS "A LEAP OF FAITH" 2018   THE ROAD SO FAR - This second album by the band kicks off with a beautiful, gentle Asian styled melodic and relaxing orchestral piece lasting just over 2 minutes.     A PLACE TO CALL HOME   - Electro Rock intro and singer Sophia Aslanides (formerly of Japanese metal band Blood Stain Child) gives a powerful, intens Rock vocal fronting a thumping drumbeat and deep and heavy guitars.  Awesome track.    ASTERO(ID) - Atmospheric, big, loud Metal track with Sophia carrying the melody with the vocal.  Its brash arena style sound and frenetic rhythmic tempo are paired with some screeching guitar riffs.  Another gem. LISTEN - Sounding like a more metallic Avril Lavigne and hints of Amy Lee of Evanescence this is a straight up Rock track.  Its pace is relentless but if you listen in the headphones you can all the layers behind the pounding beat.   A LEAP OF FAITH - This track is like a merging of Pop Rock, New Wave and Classic Rock.  One