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SINNOBER    "LITTLE WARS" 2016   EVERYTHING WE NEVER ASKED FOR - The debut album by Sinnober (multi-instrumentalist songwriters Sebastian and Natalie Brice) opens with a smooth Folk Pop ballad.  Beautiful harmonies and light melodies ease you into this album.  Reminds me a little of Simon and Garfunkel in its composition. MARIA - A little more stripped back than the previous track, this Everly Brothers styled track focuses on the brilliant vocal arrangements before reaching a minor crescendo towards the end.  Nice and mellow.   GO BACK - Another really polished song from this debut album.  Its 60s style Alternative Pop has slight hints of Swing and Jazz. REALITY TV - This slow Pop Rock ballad reminds me of Bon Jovi's Acoustic numbers where they slow everything down and its almost grass roots.  Really lovely song. TALK ME DOWN - A pure, live sounding Acoustic Pop ballad with hints of Rock.  Just sounds amazing and even better in headphones, its like you're in the