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SPANDAU BALLET "JOURNEYS TO GLORY" 1981 TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT - The opening track and debut single was the epitomy of the New Romantic Pop phenomenon that took over the first couple of years in the 80s.  The Synth New Wave sound, medieval like percussion and Tony Hadley's big booming vocal are just fantastic. REFORMATION - An almost repetitive, rhyming lyric over a typically 80s Electronic Synth Pop backing.  Again there is a dark, almost eerie medieval sound running through the track.  Catchy in a strange way, but great track. MANDOLIN - A little more anthemic and bigger sound to the previous tracks and with a funky bassline that hits the mark.  A mix of Ultravox pomp and Soft Cell vocals.  Not a single but I love this track. MUSCLEBOUND - A New Wave track, a slow tempo backing track with Tony giving it his all to lifet it to new heights, then the annoyingly catchy chanted chorus kicks in and you can't help but sing along. AGE OF BLOWS


SPANDAU BALLET  "DIAMOND" 1982 CHANT NO 1 (I DON'T NEED THIS PRESSURE ON) - The band's second album opens with the first single released from it.  It reached number 3 in the UK chart and although keeping with the Medieval sound of the debut album this track is New Wave funky Disco! Add the catchy chorus to this sublime 80s track and its a gem. INSTINCTION - One of my favourite Spandau tracks, although a little repetitive it is anthemic funky New Wave Pop at its best.  Tony Hadley's booming vocal gives it an extra lift as usual. Released as the fourth single reaching number 10 in the UK. PAINT ME DOWN - This is a repetition that I don't hink caught on as musch as other 80s tracks.  It isn't one of my favourites but its chorus can be annoyingly stuck in your head.  A New Wave "filler" although strangley released as a single.  It only reached number 30 in the chart and surprisingly was released before "She Loved Like Diamond", a far su


 SPANDAU BALLET  "PARADE" 1984   ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE - The first single from the album and reaching number 3 in the UK chart making it their 8th Top Ten single.  At the peak of their powers after the global success of "True" this was a slick, smooth piece of New Wave Soul.  Tony Hadley's voice again carries the song to new heights. Catchy chorus and one of my favourite Spandau tracks, beautifully crafted and a class song.   HIGHLY STRUNG - More rocky than previous tracks with the prominent guitars, also has a hint of Funk.  New Wave Pop and again an irresistible chorus that you can't help but sing along to.  Another classic Spandau track.  Only reached number 15 on the UK chart as the album's third single. I'LL FLY FOR YOU - Possibly my favourite Spandau track.  Love the saxophone on this, akin to "True" in powerful emotion.  I just like the feel of this track, its light, emotive and pure.  Tony holds back a bit  here but its really nic